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ARCH Finance was formed to provide a fully compliant, safe and effective payroll option to our customers. We focus on the things that are important to you; providing a simple, cost effective and first class service to the people we work with.

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About us

We understand how confusing the ever-changing world of payroll, taxes and regulations can be, especially when a lot of people just want to get paid for their hard work. As a result, here at ARCH we work tirelessly to make the costs for people at work as low as possible whilst ensuring full compliance with all regulatory and moral obligations for your tax payments. We take the hassle out of it for you.

At ARCH, we have extensive experience of working in the temporary and ‘casual work’ fields. We work with both small and large multi-branch agencies to deliver payroll services and provide our partners with a friendly, transparent and efficient service.

We understand the reliance people have on their income being regular, on time and correct first time and every time – this is why we have placed this at the heart of everything we do and will always go the extra mile to solve any problems people may face.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An umbrella company is a company that employs agency contractors who work on temporary contract assignments, usually through a recruitment agency. It is a third-party supplier acting as an ’employer’ on behalf of its contractor employees.

The umbrella company receives the gross pay from the agency (hours x pay rate). From there, they process the statutory deductions, such as tax and National Insurance and produce payslips.